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About The Conscious Corner

The Conscious Corner is a social media page, but one for connection instead of distraction. In this space I will give you the latest updates of Conscious Content created by me and by other like-minded souls that care for uplifting the collective as a whole. Besides, you can ask questions, engage & interact and be part of something bigger than yourself : A movement of Conscious Creation & Connection. 


Weekly interaction sessions, free content (from me & others) and updates on the latest classes events * and workshops.

* To be paid with a value-based sliding scale model.

Why You Should Join ?

You give yourself the gift of Conscious Connection ... In this Community you are reminded that you are not alone on this journey and this space will make you feel the support of (online) community in a sacred & safe space. Together we uplift your practice & life, by translating what we practice on the mat / in meditation ,.. into our lives. Togetherness & Wholeness ....

So much love for you

I am so grateful for each and one of you. The Conscious Corner is a virtual space, that hopefully one day will turn into a physical space somewhere in the world. For now, I welcome you anywhere I am for custom programs & support (group / individual workshops, retreats & trainings) and always donate to Vital Actions (environmental awareness & other causes that support education / connection) with an economic model that supports a more healthy environment and planet.

Find all info on the Conscious Corner on my website & don't forget to sign up for the newsletter for exclusive offers.

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